Spinal Care

Spinal adjustments that keep the vertebral joints moving, discs and nerves functioning efficiently and help improve body alignment and posture. Also great for tension type headaches and migraines.

Muscle & Joint Care

A variety of muscle release techniques including dry needling as well as joint movement techniques to facilitate recovery, minimise pain and maximise performance.

Exercise & Stretches

Prescription of specific exercises and stretches to facilitate recovery, maximise performance and compliment overall wellbeing.

Foot Orthotics


Customisable foot orthotics that address root causes of injury to the foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back and to aid in total body realignment and posture.

orthotic photo.jpg
Low Calorie Salad


Nutritional and supplemental recommendations to compliment recovery, maximise performance and overall wellbeing. Nutritional, hormonal and many other testing also available. 

X-Ray/Ultrasound Refferal

X-Ray/Ultrasound referrals when clinically necessary to better understand posture, traumatic injury and chronic pain.